Agreement for honoring the dead not an obstacle for studying Estonia wreck

14.02.2020, 11:04

Legal representative of the loved ones of victims of the ferry MS Estonia Piret Blankin says that the aim of the agreement for not disturbing the site of the shipwreck is to protect it from looters and that it does not prohibit investigations. Blankin appeared...

Competition: Flixbus will find the Baltic market difficult

14.02.2020, 10:51

Competitors believe Europe’s largest coach operator Flixbus will have a hard time on the Baltic market as international lines have to compete with cheap airline tickets. Operators have dialed back Tallinn-Berlin lines as they have not proved profitable.

Russia stationing modern arms on its western border

13.02.2020, 11:13

Russian efforts over close to the past decade have come to fruition. Forces stationed around the Baltic countries are far stronger than anything Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can muster, counting allied units in the region.

Estonia to create new digital identification tool

12.02.2020, 2:16

Estonia is set to announce a procurement for a new electronic identification tool for residents and e-residents this year, while people could get the opportunity to vote using mobile devices at the next elections, Lauri Aasmann, head of the State Information...

47th Tartu Marathon cancelled due to lack of snow

11.02.2020, 10:33

Organizers of the Tartu cross-country ski marathon decided that the 47th Tartu Maraton, initially scheduled to take place on February 16, will be cancelled due to lack of snow while those interested are welcome to take part in a walking hike dedicated to the...

EKRE calls for making principles of higher education financing more Estonia-centered

11.02.2020, 10:29

The Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) wishes to change the principles of financing of Estonian universities to make them more centered on the Estonian people and raise the level of higher education funding to 1.5 percent of GDP.

Estonian businessman Linnamäe prepared to give up pharmacies, to submit claim to state

10.02.2020, 11:03

Margus Linnamäe, owner of pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer Magnum, upon entry into force of the pharmacy reform is to hand over the Apotheka pharmacies of Terve Pere Apteek OÜ to the pharmacists currently working in the company and will also submit a...

President decides not to promulgate pension reform law

10.02.2020, 10:57

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on Friday did not promulgate a law aiming to make the second pension pillar voluntary, citing inconsistencies with the Constitution as the reason for her decision.

Estonian twins’ incredible career at NASA

10.02.2020, 10:51

Two twin brothers from Estonia became top developers of NASA space technology during a career spanning 50 years. Arthur Ruitberg, nine minutes younger than his brother Edward, built devices for the Cassini spacecraft and the Mars rover that’s still on the...

Language requirements for Bolts and Wolts

07.02.2020, 12:26

The Language Inspectorate is putting pressure of decision-makers for legislation to be updated in order to protect the Estonian language by requiring rental labor to comply with language requirements.

Half of patrol policemen have fallen asleep behind the wheel

06.02.2020, 2:30

Almost half of patrol policemen admit having had episodes of microsleep while behind the wheel of an alarm vehicle. Even though police officers’ work schedule theoretically ensures enough downtime both before and after shifts, patrolmen get so tired they...

Latvian, Estonian authorities conduct searches at parent co of PBK television channel

05.02.2020, 11:46

On suspicion of violating international sanctions, the Latvian State Security Service (VDD) has conducted a number of searches in Riga and Tallinn, BNS learned from the service.

Heads of clinics go after Klaas

05.02.2020, 11:44

Heads of 19 departments of the Tartu University Hospital ran out of patience yesterday and issued a public address calling for the resignation of the hospital’s supervisory board chairman, Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas over failure to perform duties and...

Estonia theoretically ready to contain epidemic

04.02.2020, 11:46

Estonian medical and state agencies stand ready to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik assured, adding that it is possible the virus that started in China will reach Estonia. A closer look reveals that what Kiik...

January 2020 record warm in Estonia

03.02.2020, 4:47

Regardless of the length of the reference line, either 50 or 150 years, January 2020 ranked first at all weather stations in Estonia in terms of warmth, the Estonian Environment Agency said.

Estonian fuel sellers keen to tie excise duty to CO2 emissions

03.02.2020, 4:42

The Estonian Oil Association that represents major fuel retailers has proposed tying excise duties for fuels to their carbon dioxide (CO2) output.

Estonian defense chief to discuss Estonia’s defense issues with US colleagues

03.02.2020, 4:39

Commander of the Estonian Defense Forces Maj. Gen. Martin Herem on Monday launched his first working visit to the United States, during which he is to meet with several high-level representatives of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs...

Prison not enough to help drunk drivers

03.02.2020, 4:37

Senior prosecutor of the South District Prosecutor’s Office Toomas Liiva who recently received a presidential honor for years of dedicated service says he had no good answer to the question of how the state could prevent traffic deaths five years ago. He...

Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces: Abolition of compulsory military service big mistake

30.01.2020, 12:30

Estonia was lucky not to waste time on temporarily abolishing compulsory military service or maintaining a modest defense spending for years, Lt. Gen. Valdemaras Rupšys, commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, says in an interview.

Mart Raudsaar to become editor-in-chief of Postimees

29.01.2020, 1:46

Mart Raudsaar, current manager of the Estonian Association of Media Enterprises and editor-in-chief of the parliament's periodical Riigikogu Toimetised, will take over as editor-in-chief and executive publisher of the daily Postimees from February.

Tallinn municipal police say Bolt not checking its drivers' vehicle cards

29.01.2020, 1:43

The municipal police of Tallinn deem it unacceptable that companies providing an app-based service, such as the transportation platform Bolt, do not check whether or not their drivers have a vehicle card certifying their right to provide taxi services.

Estonia to obtain equipment for Coronavirus testing next week

29.01.2020, 1:41

Estonia will likely have the capacity to test people for the coronavirus that has broken out in China next week, with testing presently carried out in cooperation with a Swedish laboratory, public broadcaster ERR’s “Ringvaade” television program...

State to regulate electric scooters

29.01.2020, 1:38

Electric scooters are on their way to being included in the Traffic Act following initiative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The new rules should take effect in July.

Estonia planning to achieve 5G connection in larger cities by 2023

28.01.2020, 12:30

Estonia is committed to achieving 5G connectivity in major cities and their periphery by 2023 and in transport corridors by 2025, the Riigikogu said on social media.

EKRE pharmacy bill introduces two new ideas

28.01.2020, 12:25

The Conservative People’s Party’s (EKRE) pharmacy reform bill would abolish the current reform’s ownership restriction, give hospital pharmacies the right to sell to individuals and allow pharmacies to procure medicinal products by bypassing Estonian...