Father took abducted children to Russia

19.07.2019, 3:52

This is a story about an Estonian citizen and how her former husband, a Russian citizen, abducted her children. The mother tried to collect her children from North Caucasus – a place the Estonian foreign ministry suggests you avoid – but ended up being...

Easing up on quick loans feared to cause more problems than solve

18.07.2019, 3:59

A proposal by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to relax advertising restrictions on loan providers is rousing suspicions among politicians and debt counselors alike as it means rules will also become less strict for providers...

Interior ministry to make life difficult for subcontractors

18.07.2019, 2:56

Minister of the Interior Mart Helme’s plan to make it more difficult to hire short-term foreign labor has caused confusion in the construction sector as participants were not asked for their opinion.

London’s best taking on the world

17.07.2019, 2:52

Founder and CEO of Monese Norris Koppel was just elected EY entrepreneur of the year for London and South East England. The company’s plans go beyond the United Kingdom as Monese continues to grow all over Europe.

Quick loan ad restrictions eased

17.07.2019, 2:49

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM) wants to lift strict advertising restrictions currently in place for quick credit providers that were laid down three years ago when Estonia decided to contain fast loans. The ministry now finds it is...

Ten-year-old takes own life in Sillamäe

16.07.2019, 1:51

On Wednesday night, a ten-year-old boy took his own life in Sillamäe after allegedly being bullied by his peers. The police had gotten involved on two occasions but trusted the children’s parents and social workers with monitoring the situation.

Organizer dismisses intoxicated medics concern

16.07.2019, 1:47

The Alarm Center received a call from the security chief of the I Land Sound music festival in Saaremaa at 3.06 on Saturday morning to request a new team of medics for the festival. The head of security told the center they were forced to send the previous...

Detained Estonian captain: Why do they need me here?

15.07.2019, 11:49

An Estonian fishing boat captain detained in a Kaliningrad hotel cannot understand why the Russian border guard is keeping him after the company that operates the vessel posted bail of €700,000 and the boat Roxen and three other crewmen were allowed to...

Client information leaked from Olerex

12.07.2019, 11:58

Fuel retailer Olerex discovered on Monday that criminals have exploited a security weakness in its system to gain access to information of roughly 100,000 transactions, including names and document data of clients. Even though the vulnerability was patched by...

Tallinn shelves main street project

12.07.2019, 11:51

There seems to be no quick and favorable solution in sight regarding the Tallinn main street project as opposing sides keep criticizing each other’s approach. Mayor Mihhal Kõlvart believes the city should tackle other infrastructure projects first, while...

President of Latvia: Integration based on official language and culture

11.07.2019, 1:56

If the first visit of the Estonian president usually takes them to Finland and the president of Lithuania usually visits Poland first, Latvian heads of state are in the habit of visiting their northern neighbors before others.

A seafaring country’s self-determination

11.07.2019, 1:24

An Estonian marching band and Director of the Office of the President, experienced sailor Tiit Riisalo will be seeing off independent Estonia’s first maritime expedition from Kronstadt today, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica...

Officials must solve problems, not process them

10.07.2019, 7:46

Some officials prefer to process people’s problems instead of solving them, Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise says, referring to a problem with a family’s polluted well water. This kind of behavior cannot be excused through fear of creating a precedent of...

Racism at school led to principal leaving

10.07.2019, 3:37

A few weeks before the end of the schoolyear, the education ministry received a letter concerning racism in a leading Estonian international school.

Ratas confirms Estonia has no excise agreement with Latvia

09.07.2019, 11:22

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas refuted his Latvian colleague’s claim, according to which Estonia is in breach of an excise duty agreement with its southern neighbor.

Troubles of family with polluted well water continue

09.07.2019, 11:17

Postimees recently wrote about a couple living in the village of Kassinurme in Jõgeva County who have not been able to draw water from their well for years due to the water’s high nitrate content of 105 milligrams per liter, well in excess of levels deemed...

Song Festival Grounds sold out

08.07.2019, 12:12

Yesterday afternoon, when the number of people attending the song festival had grown to over 100,000, the organizers made a historical decision to stop selling tickets.

Peeter Perens: I was holding back tears throughout

08.07.2019, 12:09

Goosebumps never left head choirmaster of the song festival Peeter Perens yesterday as every song, conductor and singer were like his children whose performance he was feeling with every breath.

Bullet fired in Tallinn flew to Germany

05.07.2019, 11:06

A German family discovered a bullet among their belongings when unpacking after returning from a trip to Tallinn. The bullet had ended up in the family’s luggage on June 21 when a taxi they were taking to the airport was shot in Telliskivi district.

Researchers' organizations condemn Helme utterance

04.07.2019, 2:09

Estonian researchers’ organizations in a joint statement addressed to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, members of the Riigikogu and the Estonian public condemn declarations by Minister of the Interior Mart Helme aimed at Tallinn University.

New weapons named after weather phenomenon

04.07.2019, 1:59

A contract signed in the manufacturing plant of LMT Defense (formerly Lewis Machine & Tool) (LMT) in Iowa yesterday will see the Estonian defense forces take delivery of its new automatic rifles next year. The new weapons made to specification for the EDF are...

New ministers want fresh blood

03.07.2019, 11:40

Minister of Finance Martin Helme says in an interview to the “Postimees Live” program that it is embarrassing Estonia even needs the European Court of Human Rights. “No court instance should stand above the Estonian judicial system,” the minister...

Media organization criticizes Postimees owner

03.07.2019, 11:26

International media freedom organization Reporters Without Borders is accusing owner of Postimees Group Margus Linnamäe of interfering in the work of the editorial staff at Postimees and urges him to respect the newspaper’s independence.

Helme without allies in leaving PACE

02.07.2019, 11:06

The one-man show of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) in the government continues in a recent proposal for Estonia to leave the Council of Europe. No other Riigikogu party has suggested Estonia could leave the organization over its recent decision to...

Young man dies in fire, arson suspected

02.07.2019, 11:02

Rescuers received a worrying call on Sunday morning to Kükitaja village in Tartu County where a house was burning. The police were also involved as there was reason to suspect fire had been set to the building.

Estonia needs to declare a climate crisis

01.07.2019, 12:12

We need to declare a climate crisis as we have lost too much time on recreating an unsustainable system, instead of systematically changing it, writes Sander Jahilo, head of sustainable production systems program at EIT Climate-KIC

EKRE urges continued Council of Europe participation vote

01.07.2019, 11:50

The extended board of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) has made a proposal for Estonia’s continued participation in the work of the Council of Europe to be put to a vote in the Riigikogu.

Police to bring in additional resources for song and dance festival

28.06.2019, 11:34

The police will bring in additional forces and work closely with organizers and security companies to ensure security at the upcoming Song and Dance Celebration in Tallinn. 

Mary Kross charged with giving false statements

28.06.2019, 11:29

The North District Prosecutor’s Office has sent to court the criminal case of Mary Kross. Charges suggest Kross lied about being assaulted at Stroomi Beach.

Helme: prosecution inactive in combating money laundering

27.06.2019, 11:07

Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) said after a meeting of the government’s anti-money laundering committee yesterday that he believes the prosecution has not been effective enough at combating money laundering over the past ten years and that...

Traitor: I expected to be arrested

27.06.2019, 11:01

Former Estonian Defense Forces member, convicted traitor Deniss Metsavas gave an interview in prison, talking about how he shared state and international secrets with the GRU for years.

Foreign ministry reaffirms solidarity with Ukraine

26.06.2019, 10:39

Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu expressed unequivocal support for the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine in a phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin on Tuesday.

E-voting creator: the system is bulletproof

26.06.2019, 10:36

One of the creators of the Estonian e-voting system, Tarvi Martens, sees the formation of a working group to assess the security and reliability of ICT voting solutions as a political statement by Minister of Foreign Trade and IT Kert Kingo (EKRE).

Lõhmus would rather worry about I pension pillar

25.06.2019, 4:03

Banker and LHV founder Rain Lõhmus says the problem is not with the second pillar of pension but the first, which is something he is not afraid to call a Ponzi scheme – a type of investment fraud where outgoing investors are paid with the money of new...

Competition ousts Nordica from home market

25.06.2019, 2:03

Estonian airline Nordica will stop operating under its own name and drop five loss-making destinations from October. Is this the end of our national airline?

Man suspected of shooting two taxi drivers in Tallinn commits suicide at bus stop in Kiili

21.06.2019, 8:30

Raivo Jurimae, the 30-year-old suspected of shooting two taxi drivers in the Telliskivi neighborhood of Tallinn early on Friday morning, committed suicide at a bus stop in Kiili near Tallinn on Friday afternoon after being spotted by the police.

Helme admitted mistake to Ratas

20.06.2019, 3:17

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Center), Isamaa leader Helir-Valdor Seeder and EKRE Minister of Finance Martin Helme agreed yesterday that the latter should have consulted the PM before a vote of Eurozone finance ministers last week. Having cleared matters up with...

Sindi wolf missing

20.06.2019, 3:15

News from yesterday suggests a wolf famously rescued in February from the icy waters of Pärnu river has now gone missing. The Environment Board has dispatched an expert to ascertain the last known location of the animal.

Interior minister: Nobody can be crucified based on newspaper article

19.06.2019, 2:52

Commenting on reports related to alleged plagiarism in the master’s thesis of Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) chief Elmar Vaher, Interior Minister Mart Helme said on Tuesday that nobody can be crucified on the basis of a newspaper article.

Teder admits to bribing Center

19.06.2019, 2:45

Businessman Hillar Teder unexpectedly admitted in Harju County Court on Tuesday to funding the Center Party in secret prior to the 2015 Riigikogu elections in exchange for a land swap deal going ahead in the capital.

Expensive yacht, 1.4 tons of cocaine and handcuffs. The story of an Estonian drug captain

18.06.2019, 2:56

By the time the first special forces officer, clad in a bulletproof vest, climbed aboard, Richard Must had already dumped the satellite phones over the railing. He stood there tall and bearded and allowed his person to be searched.

President Kaljulaid: Estonia could be climate crisis trailblazer

17.06.2019, 4:35

Over the past six months, the UN has completed two comprehensive studies that conclude the planet is on the verge of a climate disaster. Kersti Kaljulaid is the first Estonian president to have a climate adviser and who is direct in describing the planet as...

Denmark’s Margrethe II revives the legend of the red and white flag

17.06.2019, 4:31

Anticipation was in the air even before Queen Margrethe II of Denmark stepped off the royal yacht Dannebrog in Tallinn’s Seaplane Harbor. Quiet murmurs from the crowd and cables clinking against flagpoles seemed to mimic a drum roll.

Nuclear plant in place of oil shale?

14.06.2019, 1:24

Earlier in the week, Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) said that perhaps Estonia should consider constructing a nuclear power plant to ensure availability of energy. Experts tend to agree – there seem to be few long-term alternatives.

Kõlvart hits production team with ultimatum

14.06.2019, 1:17

Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart no longer wishes to negotiate with filmmakers and is set to send an ultimatum to the Los Angeles production crew of director Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet”: the team can either accept the city’s proposal...

Central bank forecasts continued salary advance

13.06.2019, 1:59

The Bank of Estonia’s recent economic forecast suggests that salary advance will reach 8.1 percent this year; the central bank urges the government and people to favor savings.

Euroacademy forced to close doors

13.06.2019, 1:54

Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps has made a proposal to the government to strip the Euroacademy of its license due to repeated violations of higher education regulations.

Prosecution: Ex-minister Kuusik suspected of physical abuse

12.06.2019, 3:41

The Office of the Prosecutor General confirmed that Marti Kuusik, who due to a domestic violence scandal resigned from the position of minister of foreign trade and IT after only a day and a half in office, is suspected of physical abuse.

Martin Helme says nuclear plant could be considered

12.06.2019, 3:33

Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) says that Eesti Energia must not allow the state energy sector to fall apart in a difficult situation as Estonia must be able to supply its own power.

«Entrepreneurs can bugger off out of passenger transport»

11.06.2019, 3:36

Legendary bus operator, owner of Lux Express Hugo Osula is concerned that the government’s decision to subsidize county coaches in full and give passenger train operator Elron millions will kill enterprise in Estonia.